Warning Signs Of A Dangerous Tree

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Spotting Hazard Trees Before They Fall

Each year falling trees and branches cause countless injuries and deaths, as well as millions of dollars in damage for homeowners.

Trees are a valuable asset to properties for aesthetic and economical reasons. Trees provide shade to homes which help with savings on cooling costs as well as being a valuable asset for the value of your property. Large trees account for about 10% of the assessed property value.

Orleans emphasizes closely monitoring the trees on your property. If you have a hazardous tree in your yard, strong winds from a storm could break off a branch or even send the whole tree toppling onto your roof. There are many warning signs that your tree could be in need of servicing or to be removed entirely to prevent damage or costs in the long run. Below we have highlighted 12 signs that your tree could fall or become in danger of falling.

12 Signs Your Tree Could Fall

Overall Appearance

Is the tree leaning significantly in one direction? Or are there any new changes in the amount of lean in your tree?
Can you see any large dying or dead branches?
Is the tree’s leaf covering thin? Or are there any larges sections of the tree with no leaves?


Is the root plate showing any signs of decay or damage?
Are there visible signs of mushrooms or fungus? If so, this is a strong sign of dead or decaying roots!
Is the soil around the trunk and root plate cracking or heaving?


Does your tree have a strong V-shaped fork where two trunks meet?
Are there any cracks that extend into and/or throughout the trunk?
Are there any holes in the trunk? Is so this could indicate the possibility of decay within the cavity.


Is more than a third of the tree’s canopy missing?
Are there dead or dying limbs? Signs include limbs not having leaves in the warmer months and in the winter months the tree limbs’ bark peels off.
Are more than 25% of the large branches dead or dying? If so, they should be removed to help secure the health of the tree.

Hire A Professional If You See Any Signs Your Tree Could Fall

If any of your trees show any of the signs listed above, it is very important to contact a professional to come and to assess the tree further. When it comes to tree care, some jobs are too big and too dangerous. It takes professional expertise to maintain the overall health of your tree.

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