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Commercial Tree Care Service in Richmond, VA 

First impressions can make or break your business. When customers or clients walk up to your property, what do they see?

Are there lush healthy trees lining your landscape or are there dead leaves and limp trees surrounding your building?

Your business has a reputation and a landscape to upkeep. But your typical landscaper doesn’t have the capability to take care of your trees. 

Orleans just does trees and we do them well. Our team can handle tree removals, pruning, treatment and protection. 


Meeting Your Budget and Timelines

You need simple solutions for your tree issues. Orleans’ arborists bring you a better, more efficient way to care for your property. 

Our specialists keep your landscape looking sharp without busting your budget. 

Your property gets a fresh clean look and you get to keep more profits in your pocket. 

Our team makes tree services more efficient by using all of the industry’s latest and greatest tools at our disposal. Orleans owns a 100-ton crane, state-of-the-art equipment and modern software to treat your trees quicker and easier. This saves you money and fast tracks your property improvements. 

Commercial Tree Service

Tree Services to Keep Your Commercial Property Looking Sharp 

You don’t have time to look after every tree and shrub decorating your landscape. But you’ll definitely notice when loose limbs, dead leaves and tree diseases become an issue. The worst part is your customers spot these things too. Our specialists can bring you a beautiful property with the following services: 

Tree Removal:

Orleans removes trees big and small to keep your property exactly the way you like it. Our team helps find trees with structural issues or can clear up space for your next renovation. 

Your business is your livelihood and we treat your entire landscape with care. Every tree removal is done safely by experienced arborists. 


Tree and Shrub Pruning:

If left to grow wild, your trees and shrubs can start to look shambly and unprofessional. Those untrimmed limbs also put your business at a higher risk during strong storms. 

Orleans will take care of your property. Our team keeps your trees free of dangerous limbs and makes sure your shrubs are always looking their finest. 


Plant Health Care:

Without consistent monitoring and preventative treatments your trees and shrubs could be overrun with diseases, pests and root issues. Avoid unsafe branches, discolored leaves, insects and dying trees with proper plant health care. 

The certified arborists at Orleans work to provide precise solutions for your tree issues. We avoid broad-spectrum chemicals and focus on remedies proven to work effectively. 


Stump Grinding:

Some tree removal companies take down trees but leave behind an unsightly stump. These stumps are prone to rotting and can kill the grass around them. 

Orleans swears by stump grinding as the only effective removal method. Our cutting-edge equipment makes quick work of big and small stumps. 


Construction Tree Protection:

Prepare your commercial property for construction by keeping your trees and their roots protected. With the right calculations and planning you can build new buildings without killing all of the valuable trees decorating your landscape. 

The Orleans team works to understand your tree’s root systems and rope off the proper amount of space. Grow your landscape and your business with construction tree protection. 


Lightning Protection:

Lightning strikes are one of the biggest threats to your tall trees. If they aren’t properly protected lightning can send trees tumbling or set them on fire. 

Orleans’ arborists take pride in keeping you and your property safe. Our lightning protection systems can help protect your livelihood during even the worst of storms. 


Crane Rental Service:

Need to move something big and heavy? No problem. When we aren’t using our 100-ton crane for tree removals we help local businesses move heavy objects with ease.

Our certified crane operators are part of your rental to ensure safety and efficiency on every job. Don’t risk damages and injuries by using the wrong tools. 


Snow Removal:

Your business can’t afford to miss out on revenue every time snow falls. Get reliable snow removal services to ensure your doors can always stay open. 

Orleans offers snow removal contracts to keep you stress free during winter weather. Our team uses plows, salt spreaders and broom machines to clean up your sidewalks and driveways. 


Tree Care Plans for Your Business

You have enough on your plate coordinating your company. The last thing you have time for is inspecting your trees and shrubs. That’s why Orleans will handle it for you.

Our tree care plans are designed to provide you with a long term solution to your tree problems. 

We use state-of-the-art software to track your trees, take inventories, plot GPS maps and develop multi-year maintenance plans. 

Each project we take on involves on-the-spot proposals and competitive pricing. You can manage your property while the certified arborists at Orleans take care of your trees and shrubs.


Improve Your Commercial Property 

Don’t let tree care slip through the cracks of your daily operations. Orleans will keep your shrubs in great shape and ensure your trees are leafy and healthy. 

Improve your company’s landscape and make an outstanding first impression with thriving trees. Call Orleans Co. Tree Service today to get down to business.  

Commercial Tree Service





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