Stump Grinding

Quality Tree Stump Grinding in Richmond, VA

Completing Tree Removals With Efficient Stump Disposal

You’ve gotten your tree removed but you’re not out of the woods yet.

Orleans Co. Tree Service knows the job doesn’t stop with the trunk and branches. Once your tree has been hauled away you’re still left with a stump.

Tree stumps are always an eyesore. Even worse, your stump can attract pests and leaves a place for new sprouts to grow.

If just left to rot, a large tree stump takes years to decay and can kill all of your nearby grass.

The best way to get rid of an unsightly stump is by grinding it into wood chips. This gives your property a fresh clean look.

Choosing Grinding Over Other Stump Removal Options

Stump grinding isn’t the only way to get rid of your tree stumps but arborists swear by this method.

If you choose to remove the stump in one piece, you’re going to leave a massive hole in your yard that will need filling in. This just trades one eyesore for another. Except now your yard is also unsafe.

Speaking of unsafe, some people try to burn their stump away. This puts you one big gust of wind away from a brush fire. On top of that, it almost never fully gets rid of your stump on the first try.

Orleans recommends stump grinding every time because with the right equipment it’s fast, effective and better for your property.

Cutting-Edge Stump Grinding Equipment

Our equipment can handle even the gnarliest of stumps – big or small we’ve seen it all! Orleans knows it’s always safest and most efficient to bring the best quality equipment to every job.

Your stump will go from one chunk to tons of chips fast with our stump grinder.

Once it’s fully grinded down you can opt to have all of the debris removed. Our team can get your yard cleaned up with ease.

When it Comes to Tree Care, We Do it All

Orleans is all about providing simple solutions for your tree issues. That’s why our arborists handle everything from tree treatment, pruning and removal to grinding up the remaining pieces.

We offer stump grinding in Richmond to ensure your landscape care is as simplified as possible. Some tree services don’t offer stump grinding and instead recommend you to a second company. It’ll save you time and money to work with a company that can handle both.

Orleans can be your one-stop-shop or you can call us for standalone stump grinding.

During your consultation you’ll get competitive pricing and a proposal on the spot. Orleans is here to grind away at your stumps, not your time.

Time to Call a Stump Grinding Professional

Do you have a stump to grind? We know a guy. The Orleans Team provides expert stump grinding with an impeccable cleanup record.

After your stump is gone, the space will be so clean you’ll question if it was ever really there.

Call us today to remove your stumps and increase your property value.

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