Tree Care To Prevent Major Storm Damage

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There are many benefits to having trees in your yard. Trees provide shade, reduce utility costs, and they improve air and water quality. To continue to enjoy those benefits for years to come trees require proper maintenance and care.

A healthy, maintained tree will be stronger and more likely to withstand mother natures storms. Storms such as snow and ice storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and strong winds can cause broken limbs and sometimes cause complete tree failure. This could cost a homeowner a lot if the tree were to fall on their home or property, and sometimes could cause damage to neighbors home and property. Yet, this possibility can be managed through tree maintenance and care.

You should properly prepare your tree to withstand these events to help reduce the risk of costly repairs and damage. Learn how to care for your tree by consulting with an arborist.

Tree Care Before A Storm

Care for you trees with routine pruning to promote the growth of strong branches. Trees with healthy root systems and good branch structure can withstand storms much better.

  • Remove dead, damaged, dying and decayed or diseased branches.
  • Remove/subordinate co-dominant stems.
  • Properly care for your tree to create strong branch to trunk ratios.
  • Remove close growing and rubbing branches.

Tree Care After A Storm

After a storm many homeowners make hasty and emotional decisions about their trees that were damaged. Sometimes this results in unnecessary removals and drastic pruning mistakes. Properly pruned trees by a professional can help a tree recover from storm damage. A certified arborist can help advise you for your trees future management, pruning and removal decisions based on your trees condition after the storm.