Tree Pruning

Quality Tree and Shrub Pruning in Richmond, VA

Trimming and maintenance for a beautiful property

Trees can quickly become overgrown, unhealthy and hazardous if left uncared for. Carefully executed pruning can make a huge difference on your property.

The trees at your home or business need more attention than the ones you see in the woods. Just like you mow your grass and water your plants, trees require routine maintenance.

If you try to take on trimming your own trees you could end up stunting growth, damaging limbs or spreading tree diseases. Don’t let your trees rot or spread issues.

Orleans knows there’s no room for error. Our arborists have the equipment and experience needed to prune your trees quickly and safely.

Why and When to Prune Your Trees

Many trees can go years in between prunings but that means you need to remain aware of the reasons for pruning your trees and shrubs.

Our arborists always prune with purpose. Every move is carefully calculated and made in the best interests of your trees.

Orleans recommends pruning when limbs are dead, weak or diseased. Trimming your trees also comes in handy if branches are too close to a building or are oversized for your area.

Most commercial and residential properties should consider pruning every 3 to 5 years. Small, young, large and old trees alike all need pruning.

Pruning Techniques for Your Landscape:

Give Your Trees and Shrubs a Fresh Clean Look

Small tree issues don’t warrant removals or treatments, instead you can improve your property with pruning. Our tree crew inspects your trees and only trims where necessary.

You get healthy and stunning trees and don’t have to worry about weak branches.

Treat your trees to a mani-pedi with help from the arborists at Orleans. Call us today for a free tree pruning estimate.

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