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Expert Plant Health Care & Tree Treatments in Richmond, VA

Plant Care for Your Trees and Shrubs

Tree removal service should be a last resort. Your beautiful and high-value trees are worth treating and saving when disease and pests become a problem.

Many homeowners and businesses rely on monitoring and preventative treatments to keep their trees healthy.

If your trees have dying limbs, faded or spotted leaves, early falling leaves or excessive pests, it may be time to consider plant health care.

Orleans Co arborists are tree preservation experts certified by the International Society of Arboriculture ready to monitor and manage your trees and shrubs.

Identifying Plant Issues in Your Yard

Your trees and shrubs should have healthy leaves, sturdy branches and strong roots. It’s hard to ensure that without someone who can spot warning signs for trouble.

Our Master Arborist is an expert at diagnosing tree issues and providing solutions to correct these issues.

When you bring in an arborist, they can spot the pests and health problems you might be missing. This can include issues such as:

  • Discolored leaves
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Pests
  • Fungal diseases
  • Soil compaction
  • Wood decay
  • Post-construction damage

In addition to finding and fixing problems with your trees, our team can help regulate plant growth. Regulating plant growth can reduce the amount of shearing required for large hedges as well as slow the growth of fast growing trees.

Our arborists are trained to spot plant stress, structural issues and plant health concerns. You can rely on us to keep your trees and shrubs looking healthy and growing properly.

Common Tree and Shrub Concerns in Richmond, VA

Our plant health care program is designed to treat a wide range of tree diseases, growing problems and pests. Many homes in Richmond, Virginia have very similar tree treatment needs.

Crape Myrtle Bark Scale

Starting in 2022, there was a large outbreak of crape myrtle bark scale infesting Richmond.

This tiny insect feeds on tree sap – which weakens the trees and cuts down on their lifespan.

The bugs speckled throughout your tree can make it less attractive, reduce growth and make it harder for the leaves and flowers to flourish.

In a worst case scenario, too many of these bark scale insects can suffocate your tree and kill it.

Dead trees are an eyesore in your yard and can reduce the value and appeal of your landscape.

These pests come from Asia and at first were reported more in the southern portion of the United States, especially states near the Gulf of Mexico. Now they’ve made quite the presence in Richmond and can be found throughout the region.

Our team can identify the scale insects, put together a treatment plan, and eliminate the threat to your beautiful trees.

Dogwood Anthracnose

Virginia’s state tree is the dogwood. This beautiful flowering tree looks great in your yard but anthracnose can quickly change that.

This disease infects your trees and can cause your twigs, branches and leaves to dieback.

Your trees can end up showing cankers and eventually the disease will kill your dogwood.

Orleans can spot the symptoms of anthracnose early and apply the correct treatments to save your trees.

Getting to the Root of Your Tree Problems in Richmond

Many of the issues with your trees and shrubs can be attributed to problems with their roots.

Your roots could be too confined, they could be rotting from damage during recent construction, or your soil could be too compacted restricting root growth.

Urban and suburban trees frequently struggle with healthy root growth. Your Richmond trees can be suffering from restricted root space due to nearby homes, driveways and utilities limiting where the roots can grow.

The ground surrounding your trees can really impact health. Soils become compacted due to construction activity, foot traffic, and cars or heavy vehicles. When your soil is too dense it is dense for tree roots to receive the water and oxygen needed to keep your tree alive.

Lastly, an imbalance of soil fertility can affect more than just the growth of the tree. Soil nutrition is a critical part of maintaining a healthy tree that can naturally resist pests, diseases, and develop stronger wood to prevent the tree from falling.

Orleans has the capability to apply fertilizers directly to the area where tree roots can readily absorb the nutrients, this process is called deep root fertilization. Orleans uses organic-based and food-grade fertilizers to keep your kids and pets safe and keep your trees healthy.

Orleans is here to help aerate your roots and create an environment that allows your trees to grow healthy and strong.


How Orleans Can Help Your Trees and Shrubs Thrive

By understanding plant stress and knowing how to address it, our arborists can help your trees live longer and look better.

There are so many plant issues you could miss, our team will help keep you aware of any concerns.

Orleans can help you with:

Plant identification

Pest identification

Plant health problem assessments

Plant disease diagnosis

Tree structural issue recognition

Soil analysis

Watering plans


 Root inspections and care

 Tree and shrub installation

Soil moisture improvements

Fertilizer regimens

Vertical mulching

Root collar excavation

Get rid of plant diseases, address pest issues and treat root issues with help from Orleans. There are so many environmental pressures that make it hard for trees to grow in your yard.

Our team will build a plan for getting your trees and shrubs back on track.

Protect Your Trees with Diagnosis and Treatments

Pest-covered plants, droopy trees and yellowing shrubs make it hard to enjoy the landscape outside of your home.

Pruning and plant health care ensures your property looks great and you are cultivating a healthy yard.

The experienced arborists at Orleans can address your concerns and start working towards healthy and flourishing trees.

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