Lightning Protection

Richmond Tree Lightning Protection Services

Preventing Lightning Damage to Your Trees and Structures

When storms roll through Richmond are you worried about your trees being struck by lightning?

If you have tall trees or trees dangerously close to your home or business, Orleans has an easy solution.

Tree Lightning Protection Systems safely guide the voltage from lightning strikes along the outside of your trees instead of straight through them. This can prevent fires and protect your trees from damage.

You don’t need lightning protection for every single tree but if your tree is of high value or nearby an important building, you can save yourself from costly and devastating damages.

The arborists at Orleans are trained to properly install your lightning protection system and keep your trees safe. Our team examines your property, finds any trees that could benefit from protection and works to get it done before the next big storm.


How Tree Lightning Protection Systems Keep Your Property Safe

Prevent lightning from harming your trees by creating a preferred strike point. Your lightning protection system will create a path from the top of your tree to the ground to keep the voltage away from start to finish.

This is accomplished by using a wire or cable as a conductor and running it from the top and branches. Connectors are used to link all of the conductors on your tree and make it possible for the lightning to flow into the ground with ease.

When lightning hits the conductors instead of your tree, it can prevent sparking, fires, splitting, bending and cracking.

Protect Your High-Risk Trees in Richmond, VA

The International Society of Arboriculture says that certain trees are in greater need of lightning protection systems.

Orleans can help you install a lightning protection system on virtually any large tree. You can point out your trees of high value or get our help finding ones at risk of lightning damage.


If you’re wondering when to install, see if your tree falls in any of the following categories:

  • Located within 10 feet of a structure
  • Taller than nearby structure(s)
  • Has historic value
  • Of high value
  • Located in a recreational space
  • Stands alone in the open

Keep You, Your Trees and Your Property Safe

You can relax during the next thunderstorm knowing you have an expertly input lightning protection system. Your system can help prevent the need for major tree removals and pruning down the road.

Give Orleans a call to guarantee secure trees.

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