Emergency Tree Services

24-Hour Emergency Tree Services in Richmond

Responsive Tree Care Experts

When a tree poses a danger to your property you need to get help from a professional. It can be risky to try to remove the tree without an experienced arborist, quality equipment and the proper safety gear.

Orleans has the tools and certified team members to help you recover from disaster quickly.

If you have a tree emergency there are arborists available 24 hours a day to respond to your calls. We make quick work of downed trees in emergencies. No removal is too difficult for our team.

Don’t hesitate to call your friend in the business when you need help.

Choose the Safest Tree Removals in Town

If a full tree or big branches have fallen on to your home, it’s time to jump into action. There’s no room for error and you need that tree gone fast.

Orleans can provide peace of mind by removing fallen trees and trimming unstable limbs. When it’s all done, our crews even handle the clean up.

Our team is decked head-to-toe in PPE and trained to use the best and biggest tools. Including a colossal 100-ton crane, reliable bucket trucks, impressive tree saws and extra-sturdy cables.

When it comes to our equipment, it’s more than just a logo, it’s an investment. It makes the job safer for our crew and ensures your property is taken care of in the best way possible.


Giving Back to Richmond with Quality Tree Care

Orleans is all about building relationships. Without the support and kindness of the Richmond community, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love.

That’s why following a major storm, you’ll see our team rolling up our sleeves to help families and businesses recover.

Do not worry about paying an arm and a leg for emergency services. When unexpected costs stack up, you can rely on Orleans’ in-house financing and fair pricing to get your property back to normal.

You’ve heard the saying, “if a tree falls in the woods and there’s no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?” We’d say yes because Orleans is here to help even if it’s the crack of dawn, a Sunday afternoon or a Friday night.

Storms, Accidents and Disease – Oh My!

Orleans has been offering emergency tree services since 1998. Over the years we’ve seen it all from foul weather and bad drivers to unhealthy trees.

Here are some of the biggest offenders in tree care:


Heavy Rain



Hail Storms

Ice Storms

Wind Storms or Damage

Lightning Strikes

Car Crashes

Root Rot

Serious Tree Disease

Extreme Pest Damage

Sudden Limb Drops

Get Ahead with Preventative Tree Protections

Are you worried about a certain tree on your property? Orleans can come by for a free consultation.

We don’t always remove trees. Our arborists can help you avoid emergencies with:

  • Tree Treatments
  • Cabling and Bracing
  • Lightning Protection
  • Tree Pruning

If you‘ve got a hazard tree it’s best to get ahead of Mother Nature. Planning now can save you from a lot of pick up later.

Your #1 Choice for Dependable Emergency Tree Care

If you need help with a tree fast, the Orleans team is here to get your day back on track.

From branches blocking your driveway, trees toppling roofs or limbs laid across your yard – there’s no job too big or small for Orleans.

Give us a call for rapid emergency tree services.

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