Tree Protection Zones

Construction Tree Protection in Richmond, Va.

Setting Up Your Tree Protection Zones

Are you planning a new construction project on a site that has mature trees? If you build irresponsibly you can end up causing permanent damage to those trees and losing out on the value and benefits they provide.

When trees are able to grow safely they can raise property values, improve your landscape’s ecosystem, prevent erosion and ensure your land looks great.

But, if they aren’t protected you can end up with dead trees, wrecked roots, compacted soil, physical issues and chemical damages.

Orleans Co. Tree Service can keep your trees healthy and out of harm’s way by establishing critical root zones and tree protection zones.

Protecting Important Trees and Property Values

Picture a brand new housing development, complete with beautiful homes and well-manicured lawns.

But, before families can even start moving in, all of the mature trees in the neighborhood start to die. Next thing you know, the landscapes start looking bleak and their yards lose all their shade.

With help and planning from Orleans, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Our tree crew can set up sufficient protective barriers for your trees before construction starts. This keeps your trees healthy before, during and after your new building is in place.


How Do Tree Protection Zones Work?

Our team works with you to identify any and all trees you’d like protected during construction. It could be one tree on a residential lot or 100 at an industrial property.

From there our folks set a restricted area around one tree or a group of trees. Each tree protection zone is about 10 times the diameter of your tree trunks. For most jobs a fence is used to block off the tree and surrounding area.

Construction will either be prohibited or fully restricted in these areas. This helps ensure tree safety and makes sure trees aren’t accidentally knocked down.

With the right size protection you can shield the root area and the tree itself.

Careful Calculations for Healthy Trees

If you want your trees to keep growing during the construction process then it’s best to plan ahead.

Orleans can help you plot which trees to protect and build zones that still make construction easy. Call us today to get a quick proposal and pricing.

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