9 Stubborn Trees To Avoid

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Before planting and cultivating trees in your yard there are a few species of trees to avoid that you should considered the pros and cons of before planting! Here are the most well known “pesky” trees:


Silver Maple– A popular tree for yards in the Eastern US. They are great shade trees and grow very rapidly. Which is good for time but the speed of growth causes for weak and brittle wood that is notorious for breakage during severe storms. Also, their shallow roots causes problems for sewage and drain pipes and causes cracks in pavements.


Ash– A very strong tree that is very well loved in the US. Yet, this tree species is known to be infested by the emerald ash borer beetle. If your looking for a tree that will have longevity in your yard this isn’t a good fit.


Quaking Aspen–  A tree that is found in the northern parts of the US. Its a beautiful tree with white bark and flowing leaves. It certainly has much appeal for yards but it is a dangerous choice! This trees root system is insidious. It is determined to multiple and sends up roots that grow into new trees.


Mulberry– This is very good shade tree. Its so dense though, that it prevents grass from growing around it. This tree is know to have very messy uproots and releases tons of pollen. Worst of all this tree is the only source of food for silkworms so its almost a guarantee to be invaded by these pesky little bugs. This is definitely a choice of the trees to avoid!


Willow– This is one of the most well known and beautiful trees in the US. It is favorite among homeowners because of the curb appeal. Yet the root system causes many problems in a yard for a homeowner. They have an aggressive water hungry root system that tears up drain, sewer, and irrigation pipes. It is also a very weak wood known to break and crack, and the lifespan of the willow tree is only about 30 years.


Black Walnut– This is an absolutely beautiful big dense shade tree that lots of older homes have around them. It has few downfalls to consider before planting, it produces lots of pollen and nuts to have to be cleaned up in the fall! The worst part about this tree is the toxins that it releases. It releases a growth inhibiting toxin that kills nearby plants, trees and flowers! So if you are a gardener beware!


Lombardy Poplar– This is s favorite choice because of the speed of growth. This tree can grow up to 6 feet in a year! Yet, its is pesky tree, which is often invaded by diseases and bugs that eventually kill them off.


Eucalyptus– This tree is imported from Australia. It has much appeal to homeowners for the rapid growth of up to 10 feet in a year. It is notoriously known for its branches to break off. So it is a good choice to have, yet keep away from homes and structures.


Bradford Pear– This tree was imported to the states from China in the 1900s. It is a very beautiful tree that blossoms in the spring. Yet, it is prone to splitting and cracking as it reaches maturity.


We’ll Help You With All These Trees To Avoid!

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